Personal Time Management

In today’s World it seems that there is no time free for us, people go from one place to another in a hurry just to find that at the end of the day they just want to sleep and start over again. But, isn’t there another way? This is why personal time management exists, to help you increase your productivity and efficiency, letting you enjoy your free time and lower stress and anxiety levels.

Poor personal time management can have a negative impact in your life, making you feel frustration and sense of overwhelming that doesn’t go away easily. In the long term it causes a chain reaction where stress can ultimately affect your personal and work relationships (nobody wants to do business with someone that is always late and unorganized!). Here is some personal time management advice that you can put into use today, this information could prove to be invaluable if you apply it daily in your work and life in general.

First, you need to set aside a time to get organized and start with personal time management. Don’t worry about losing a bit of time, as you will find later that with this little step you saved lots of hours.

Okay, now that you have the time, start by building tasks lists. This should be a daily list of things to do. There’s no need to include things you already do daily (like taking the trash out, washing your teeth, etc), instead include things you need to do particularly for each day (like completing a report or going to a meeting.). With this list in hand you will then need to prioritize, first by importance and then by difficulty (hard or boring important things should always go first to relieve stress during the day).

Use the tools you have around you to better manage your time. You can start with an alarm clock first by helping you waking up early (and conclude early with your tasks) and then to keep you focused on what you need to do. You can also use aids such as software or utilities if you work on the computer, yo will find that most time management tools are free and easy to find.

Finally, keep distractions to a minimum. You have to first examine your day and be aware of what distracts you, once you are aware, you can take the necessary steps to avoid it.

Keep these personal time management tips in mind always, and practice them daily until they become second nature to you. You will start seeing progress since day one!